A blog inspired by the amazing and bizarre Somerset town, the world capital of the New Age.

About Me

I used to live a few miles from Glastonbury, living and working for eight years as a vegetarian cook at a New Age centre. Over that time, my amusement with Reiki, unicorns and homeopathy grew first into a short-lived blog, Up Skeptoscope and then into a book- The Heretic’s Guide to Vegan Cookery. This was a thinly veiled satire on the New Age, surrounded with recipes of a vegan nature. Surprisingly, it did very well but now it languishes once again out of print. So I’m reposting and rewriting the stuff I found funny from the book to this blog as well as new stuff and things I wrote from years ago in other places.

The Isle of Avalon

Ah, Glastonbury. Since a long time ago it’s been singularly and shamelessly dedicating itself to providing an alternative Mecca for dogs on baler-twine leads, weekend shamans, gurus, pagans, space cadets, religious types and confused old ladies looking for the Bingo. When I go there, not only does it feel like I’m a kid walking wide-eyed through Disneyland, but it’s a Disneyland paved with comedy gold. I would like to share some of that wealth with you.

In Glastonbury, every day, people wear felted pixie hats, beards, velvet cloaks and sheepskins as fashion, earnestly wave magic wands, believe in unicorns and crystal energy and homeopathy and angels and in fact anything at all with a glorious and sweet unquestioning acceptance. I find myself split in two. I could either join in, learn my Mayan astrological sign, start Breton dancing and talk about myself a lot, or gently milk some sacred cows for satirical fun and comment. I just don’t know…

While I’m mulling over the options, I cordially invite you to take a seat for some educational musings inspired by, and channelled through the Wonderful World of Glastonbury.


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