A Portrait of Bert Kwa


This article contains descriptions of Reiki and imagery that some may find disturbing.

In all the years since Reiki was rediscovered, it has only ever got really out of hands once, on that island energy hot-spot we all know as Hawaii.

Bert Kwa, the infamous Reiki Killer, was, up until recently, the only serial killer ever to have emerged out of Hawaii. A Wild Energy Embodier, Master of Multiple Modalities, he briefly held the mystical state of Reiki 4, coming into his power without training at the age of twenty three. Tragically, Reiki 4 chose to manifest in a sociopath, ill-suited to using such a precious gift for good.


The little information we have of his past paints a lonely and increasingly obsessive picture. As an only child growing up in Waimea, Kwa was only ever emotionally close to his mother. His often violent father had left them both when he was only four years old, profoundly disturbing an already strange and difficult child.
Early on, he became fixated with electricity, licking batteries and power-points, perhaps trying to feel something, anything, or maybe coveting the invisible energy he was as yet unable to unlock in himself. Tantrums and violent rages rocked the otherwise quiet house daily.

Aged ten, he discovered the collector card sets of the Fantasy Reiki League. Numerous shocks and electrocutions of pets followed as he seemingly tried to emulate the chakra- enhanced skills of his hero, the Grand Reiki Master Steven Woo. A bodged electrocution left him with a permanent facial twitch and feeling more cut off from his peers than ever. It’s possible that the electric charge may have hastened the opening of Kwa’s conduit to the higher power of Reiki.Whatever the reason, the young Bert Kwa switched himself on immediately into Reiki 2, completely foregoing the usual, gradual and universal introduction into energy through Reiki 1.
Too poor to afford to put Kwa with a Hawaiian master, his mother did what she could to nurture his gifts, but her son refused any

A few more years passed uneventfully, apart from a spate of wild animal deaths nearby, curious enough to be noted in a local paper. Then, only a few days after his seventeenth birthday, Kwa’s estranged father died in mysterious circumstances involving a power point. It is now considered highly likely that the young Kwa was to blame. Kwa disappeared soon afterwards, taking nothing but his favourite battery and a picture of his mother.

Lost and Found

Weeks passed and Lucy Kwa heard nothing. Weeks turned to months. Eventually after two years of fruitless searching, she began the sad task of rebuilding her life alone, relocating to Honolulu where she found work as a secretary in one of the many local Reiki centres. Life went on.
But then one day in June, a full six years after her son left, she answered the door to a haggard, almost unrecognisable visitor. Amazingly, Kwa had returned, though he refused to discuss with her where he had been in the intervening years, or indeed, how he had found her again.

Due to a number of suspicious deaths at power stations in the mid-west of the USA, bearing the tell-tale signs of chakra nullification, there is reason to believe that Kwa spent at least some of the time working there. He would have been surrounded by the great power he was so much in awe of, while feeding his urge to kill, moving on whenever he felt a danger of discovery.
When the change building inside him grew too strong, maybe feeling scared and needing a safe place to go, he fell back on the only stable thing in his life. His mother. Perhaps he traced back her energy signature, using his growing abilities as aspects of Reiki 4 began to increase his energy awareness. Maybe he looked in the phonebook. We can only guess.

Within a week, although more than a little concerned about her son’s increasingly bizarre behaviour, Lucy Kwa had found him a job as gardener at the Reiki centre where she worked on the outskirts of the city. Staff at the centre remember him being a darkly quiet man, uneasy amongst company, who worked hard, appearing to have few friends or associates. All seemed shocked that they hadn’t sensed even a little of Kwa’s burgeoning abilities.

The obsession with batteries had evidently now become fully overtaken by a terminal attachment to the power of living batteries. Strange phenomena focussing on the school had begun to worry the staff. Birds would fall from the sky in large numbers during healing open days. Rats and squirrels were found, laid out in long lines, chakras fused or burnt out. Then the centre’s horses died, one after another. Again, the chakras had been so viciously turned off that their auras had burned away before the animals’ life force had chance to dissipate. With all the rage and power that must have been coursing through his system, coupled with such a disregard for life and his need for release, to kill, it is hard to accept that this man should have had access to the wonders of Reiki 4 even for a short time, but it was all too true.

Reiki 4

Level 4 Reiki was considered impossible until part of a channelled Reiki session came to light in 1983, describing a legend from the before-times, when a great battle raged. Hoping to bring peace, Reiki wizards from both sides decided to focus all their energy into a chosen one, giving him the god-like powers they felt were needed to end the bloodshed. It was a dangerous gamble but it paid off. It was decided this was to be the one and only time a human being should have access to such power and so it was until somehow, Kwa gained that same power, thousands of years later. We might speculate that maybe if life had taken him a different route, the world would now be experiencing his pure Christ energy, and disease and pain would be forgotten. Alas, it was not to be.

With limitless access to energy almost within his grasp, and so many killings already under his belt, he was by now too far down the road to ever return. Perhaps towards the end he realised that death might offer a release for him, the only door still left to open.


On a blazingly still, airless day in August, Lucy Kwa died.
Bert Kwa discovered her body, one of the few bodies around him that he’d had no part in hastening to an end. We can imagine perhaps how the shock somehow broke through his psychotically charged state to find grief waiting there for him. Whatever happened in those moments tipped him over the edge as he finally achieved Reiki 4.

We know that he then released an enormous pulse of energy, fusing an entire city block, melting wires and blowing up electrical equipment. The damage was later estimated to be in the region of hundreds of millions of dollars.
Reiki practitioners across the island immediately began to report occurrences of energy looping, a serious internal problem for Reiki 1 students, leaving them in pain but unable to access healing for weeks. Reiki 2 Masters likewise reported fluctuations in energy, two suffering mild strokes. But the worst was reserved for the Reiki 3 Masters.

“All of a sudden, I could feel my chakras switching off, one by one and this almighty weakness came over me. Then there was a real big wind and the door burst open andthis guy came through, all sparky and thunderous and I was screaming like a b***h. He had those hands, like in Revelations. He kinda looked at me, kinda like he really knew me, y’know? And then he turned around and left. Weird. Man, I’ve never been so scared. S**t.”

This is a quote from one of the three surviving Reiki 3 Masters.

It seems that Kwa had visited each Master, like a twisted angel of death, somehow appearing to them all at the same time, an omnipresent god, jealous of others with any reasonable power.
For some reason he spared three souls, one symbolically for each level perhaps, a sick joke, or maybe just to leave a few lasting, living memorials to his awful strength and power. For what ever reason, each Master’s energy had been shifted to resonate in frequencies destructive to pure Reiki energy, which must be an incredibly uncomfortable sensation for each of them.
The three Masters have all agreed to remain for the time being behind a bank of orgone generator-enabled shields so that world-wide Reiki can continue.

Death came quickly to Bert Kwa in the end.

He was finally observed re-entering his mother’s home late in the evening by the Reiki secret police. Reports had been coming in throughout the afternoon about strange and violent deaths and Kwa was the obvious prime suspect.
The order was given to take him down.

Maybe they prevented him from continuing his slaying any further, but the point is moot. It is more likely that Kwa just gave up, and allowed himself to be cornered, deeply confused by his power, desperate for meaning and cut through with grief.

Protected by the power of Angel Reiki, or so they thought, thirty police descended on his mother’s darkened home and broke down the door.
Although Kwa made an attempt to break through the police’s energy defences it must be admitted that it was a desultory effort. Turning back to resume gazing out through a window into the black night, he somehow turned his energy inwards and switched off his chakras, causing his heart to arrest almost immediately.
On releasing his energy in death Kwa succeeded in delivering a final parting gift. After having killed upwards of one hundred people, the police were to be the last taken. Unprepared perhaps for the purity of the energy hidden beneath the twisted cover, each face in death betrayed neither shock or horror but ecstatic wonder. Warriors accompanying a king to the underworld.
That might have even surprised Bert Kwa.



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