Five years ago, in Glastonbury, England, the famous author of  ‘Cooking Right for your Astrological Personality’, Margaret Newborn, gathered together a team of skilled dowsers, psychics, crystal workers and fellow astrologers, with the idea of using their skills to make a difference in the Third World.*

The group soon found a base in nearby Street, through Margaret’s connections with the local Shamanic outreach programme. It was there that they formed the Light-working, Iridology and Associated Resonances School. After months of deep work constructing their power cradle, they were officially invited by the Guild of Light Breath Workers to be an affiliated member of the Worldwide Association of Resonant Practitioners (Etheric Division). Registering as a charitable trust was from then on a straightforward process.

Their basic remit was, until last year, to target the individuals most likely to suffer food hardship across the world with effective ETHERIC change in both the five human levels and on into the ANGELIC REALMS.

Their tireless work towards the betterment of the world has been a source of inspiration to many over the last few years. But in the process, they also came a little too close to what is REALLY going on. Who could have guessed that Margaret, Lillith, Sky-Warrior Dawn and Ramgat would be accused by THE SYSTEM of fraud and of spreading a ‘ foul, odious, perniciously offensive set of untruths’ and ordered to repay £500,000 including costs. Martyrs all.

(Half of the positive energy generated by the reading of this article will be donated to the Friends of L.I.A.R.S.’ repayment fund. Good luck, guys.)

Out on bail, with a threat of further action hanging over them, in solidarity, I reprint here a few facts that THE POWERS THAT BE don’t want you to know. Here is the TRUTH that THEY tried to ban.

  • Forget food parcels. Crystal-Energised Water (H²O) can deliver a potent hug of change to drought-torn areas. The positively charged clusters within the water are able to bring about the rapid hydration of the cellular body, while the crystal energy works on the quantum level, re-pairing and feeding the eighteen holographic DNA strands of each soul. Now that the universe is no longer prevented from giving aid, food can be manifested readily by all. By helping others to help themselves we can obviate any need of further interference by the white man.
  • Crystal Energy cannot be embezzled, used for non-light purposes, and by its very nature, is un-polluting. It is the Power of Love.
    It’s time to transform the negative comments from science about the efficacy of crystalline medicine. The trouble with science is that it is so locked into its own paradigm of measurable effect that it refuses to accept anyone else’s truth. Surely if we can’t see or measure an effect of something that is so patently absurd and made up, then that alone should guarantee its effectiveness. Like homeopathy.
  • It can also be used to clear emotional blockages in pets.
  • 80% of crop failure is due to intentionally blocked energy lines, and amazingly only 20% by a lack of rain. Through a combination of psychic battling with the Hidden Forces, distant dousing and the application of a Tachyon Energy Pulse™, areas can be pinpointed, cleansed and potentised quite easily, leaving the land free to heal itself.
  • Overall, Geminis are 72% more likely to attract famine to themselves than any other star-sign, due to their negative thought patterns about food. Without careful attention, dangerous projections can affect the sub-structure of the continuum of consciousness, weakening the shared paradigm and thus exacerbating the problem. Through careful examination of the Akashic Record, specific key Geminis can be isolated, and astrological charts quickly drawn up. Then Light Transformation© can be applied, sometimes even before any problem has occurred.
  • As the blocked energy is shifted and each person regains their power, starvation obviously becomes a profound, empowering tool of change and a positive move towards full-self realisation before death.
  • Past lives do affect and impinge on the present lives of people in problem areas. We detected a group of starving tribespeople in middle Africa who were all reincarnations of German Nazis. Using the Akashic Record, it had been possible to detect the karmic trauma lines directly caused by the negativity of those previous lives. In that instance though, it was felt best to have a hands off approach and let those individuals work through their karma without interference. Their over-souls would not have wished us to waste unnecessary love energy in preventing their deaths.




*A founding member, Anton Levin, a breatharian light worker, had hoped to teach starving people how to live on only prana or life force. Unfortunately, he died before his dream could become reality.



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