Cults can be set up quite easily in Glastonbury, each fresh influx of new locals being only too willing to try out yet another new and exciting route to spiritual awakening. This willingness, coupled with the long, straight high street, ideal for mass pilgrimage, make it the ideal base for any would be cult or sect looking to step it up a notch and enter the faith sector of the twenty first century.Due to a surfeit of messianic figures, each new cult leader intent on gaining cult status must compete for is share of the still always limited amount of followers. This can lead to a certain amount of ritualised behaviour, a little like a courtship display.

Dressed in the purest of white, hands outstretched, they gather en mass on the Tor as the evening sun dips down into the levels. Each Master stands slightly apart from the others, ecstatically and symbolically grasping for the light, caught up with the possibility of power, control, lots of sex and perhaps eventually, ascension. Armed only with recycled answers from The Prophet, whispered truths from carefully channelled Plædian beings, or just scribbles on the back of a beermat, the most inspired leader begins to call his first devotees to his side, and the new cult is born.

But where to find those perfect white robes?

In the not so distant past, the difficulty in obtaining clothing and assorted paraphernalia necessary for a cult leader to function properly would often make them seem a little sleazy. Robes and chalices supposedly blessed by Ascended Masters could only be purchased in disreputable smoky pubs from disreputable smoky men. Of course, inevitably, after a few ceremonial raisings of the new chalice, the semi-precious jewels would become loosened from their settings, the robes becoming ripped under the arms, lacking the double stitching necessary for cult work. Something had to be done.

So in the late 1980s, the Glastonbury Link was set up to act as a local base from which to provide resources for these great leaders of people. The Link has gone from strength to strength ever since, even riding the belief slump of 1991.
They still source and supply the vast majority of robes, loincloths, bells and incense used by Glastonbury cult leaders and their disciples. And as part of the monthly subscription, GL also provides an up to date list of cheap rentable properties as well as links to new, potentially willing recruits.

The future for ascended and yet to ascend Masters is now assured. They can finally be adored in the comfort they deserve. More importantly perhaps, vulnerable people now have a place where they belong as well as a god-like figure to look up to and worship. It’s a win/win situation.


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